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Fila, which first opened up its doors in 1911 in Northern Italy is now a high end, top quality, sporting goods company with a global presence. Fila manufactures and distributes top quality sneakers, boots, gym bags, jump suits, sweat suits, hooded sweatshirts, and Yoga wear. Fila sells products all over the world to: North America, South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Fila offers full product lines in the aforementioned products for many categories like:

Some excellent examples include some of the new arrivals which can be viewed on Fila's website,default,sc.html.

These various specific products are for soccer players and enthusiasists like the Fila forza series a sleek and stylish  looking cleat product line that is yet very fucntional for the serious soccer player, at affordable prices. Also well known for their basketball sneakers and outerwear/accessories, Fila offers a variety of classic and new arrival sneakers found here:,default,sc.html and here:,default,sc.html

I have personally owned 8 different pairs of Fila sneakers, a couple of Fila hats and visers in addition to Fila sweatsuits. I can personally vouch for the wide variety of style and top level of quality Fila offers its customers. I owned my nylon Fila jersey for 9 years and it still lookd great. The only reason I do not have it still is I lost it.

Fila: What makes it different?

Fila has a long and rich history compared to Nike which begain as a small out of car business in 1959 and Reebok founded in 1958. In addition to a wider variety of products and a rich history Fila offers more quality products for less money on average. For one example the higher end running and cross training sneakers from Fila often range between $65.00 and $100.00, retail whereas, higher end Nikes of comparable purpose often ange from $90.00 to well over $125.00.

Skeletoes is a four toe shoe for barefoot enthusiasts which is about 50% less than a standard five toed sneaker. The Skeletoes is designed for casual performance and to provide easy slide of the feet in and out of it. The Skeletoes is designed for people who want to hike, bike, boat, or power walk back from a long jog in more comfort, but it is not recommended it be used for the actual long range jogging itself. Fila is truly cutting edge for offering the Skeletoes. Although Fila has an impressive marketing budget, it manages to sell many products on a budget less than 50% that of Nike of around 50 plus million versus an estimated 260 million dollars for Nike. Keep in mind that a marketing budget is defined as all money spent/allocated on all forms of: endorsements, advertisements, commercials, and promotions. 

Fila vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Fila)

Nike and Reebok are chief competitors of Fila offering similar products in each of the previously mentioned categories that Fila does. However, having owned 6 pairs of Nike and 4 pairs of Reebok, sneakers, although I liked each company's offerings, my Fila sneakers lasted longer and maintained structural integrity better. I liked the Nike Air technology, for comfort purposes during long runs and basketbal games, full court. I liked the Reebok crosstraining sneakers for their ability to withstand the shock from moving side to side a lot during playing football or basketball as well. However, Fila sneakers offer comparable comfort and shock absorption even without touting such aforementioned technology and at lower prices on average. I also noticed that all of my Fila clothing faded less quickly from multiple washings and did not tear as easily as Nike or Reebok products. In addition I found the Fila website easiest to navigate without screen freezing. 

Please see:

Fila: Pricing & packages

For boys the Fila Crestable Polo sneaker ranges in price between $40.00 and $65.00. The Fila men's Comfort Trainer Adjustable Cross Trainer is under $50.00. The high end basketball sneaker from Fila the dis foe is only $60.00, the dis slam is $75.00 and the half fleece jacket is only $34.00. Nike does not offer polo sneakers and its crosstrainers tend to be $90.00-$130.00 even for toddlers and youth aged 8 and up. Nike charges arond $55.00 for a similar but not higher quality half fleece jacket.

The highest end men's basketball sneakers from Nike range from $125.00 to $206.00. It is more diificult to determine what Reebok's highest end basketball sneakers range in price for, but many of the best one's Reebok offers sell for $114.00 or more. I did not see a  Reebok half fleece jacket, but I did see a lesser quality sport hoodie for $44.99, previously priced $70.00.  These prices reflect the discounted prices provided on the respective company's websites which usually are below average retail prices. None of the Fila men's basketball sneakers I looked at on Fila's website were above $75.00.

Fila: Product images & screenshots
Fila Coupons
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Fila: Customer reviews & comments

Some quotes from customers about Fila products include: well made, long lasting and inexpensive sneaker for the Fila men's Disruptor II with many five star ratings on Other customers sang the praises of the Fila Forza III ID Leather Soccer Shoes, which included: well made, comfortable, stylish, and yes I would recommend this to a friend on As a personal long term customer of Fila I can tell you that Fila offers a greater value for the money than: Nike, Reebok, New Balance, or K-Swiss. I loved my Fila running, basketball and crosstraining sneakers. Other customers have made similar comments to my own. One such customer will only buy Fila sweatpants, hooded sweatshirts and Fila boots. 

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Comments (2)

Excellent review and very nicely done! Personally, I prefer Reebok...besides the different styles, they are the most comfortable and durable. Thanks for posting. Voted up!

Nice, like information

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